Friday, February 16, 2024



The Million Eyes of Sumuru (1967) Another James Bond wannabe, only this time he comes with a super-forced sense of nonchalance and a simpleton sidekick played by Frankie Avalon. Naturally, there's a world conquering villain as well, a feminine faux-Fu Manchu who goes by the name Sumuru. Also, apropos of nothing, Klaus Kinski shows up in brown-face. The whole thing is like a motion picture variation of that old meme that goes, "Hey, mom, can we go see 007?", to which mom relies, "No, we have 007 at home." This film is the 007 you get at home.

TIL: Sax Rohmer, creator of both Fu Manchu and Sumuru, claimed to be part of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the Rosicrucians, organizations that peddled warmed over Gnosticism to elites who believed only they could comprehend the hidden truths behind the Christian religion. As St. Paul wrote, however, “Avoid profane babbling and the absurdities of so-called knowledge [gnosis]." True Christianity hides none of its teachings, putting it all out there to be accepted or rejected as one sees fit.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2024


Funny Book Philosophy: Poison Ivy 014 (2024)

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Saturday, February 10, 2024



The Black Cat (1989) Things go poorly for a film crew adapting the same book that inspired Argento's Three Mothers movies when a real life pus-covered witch shows up to raise hell. For many, this unofficial sequel to Suspiria and Inferno does a better job of closing out the trilogy than Argento's own belated attempt in 2007. It certainly nails the same non-sensical dream logic of its predecessors. What it has to do with Edgar Allen Poe's story, however, is anybody's guess.

TIL: Pope Benedict XVI was pretty enamored of cats, owning several. It was said that every time he met one, he would engage it in a long conversation, after which the feline would follow him around for awhile. In an interview, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone recounted that one time about 10 cats trailed the Pontiff into the Vatican, causing one of the Swiss Guards to declare an invasion.

Dad Rock Diary: The Wizards From Kansas - The Wizards From Kansas (1970) By this point, the 60's had sputtered out, leaving behind a legacy of bad trips, hangovers, and addictions, and these guys were feeling every bit of it, wailing to God like Job on his dung heap. So yeah, some really good psychedelic blues rock to be had here. Laudable Lyrics: And Lord look at me (yeah), I'm rooted like a tree (Oh yeah, yes, I am now). I've got those sit down, can't cry, oh Lord, I'm gonna die blues (yeah, yeah).

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Wednesday, February 07, 2024


Bedtime for Bonzo (1951) A researcher hires an attractive, soft-hearted nanny to care for his chimpanzee in hopes of proving that nurture is stronger than nature. However, after getting a look at her, the doctor's fiancé calls shenanigans. Yes, future president Ronald Reagan comes across as a little bland, but to be fair, a simian is always going to steal the scene no matter who else is there. I bet if you put a monkey in a Meryl Streep movie, nobody would even notice the perennial Oscar winner.

TIL: The Church acknowledges that nature, that which a thing is at birth, and nurture, that which is acquired or added from external sources, can both heavily influence human behavior. However, by maintaining a moral viewpoint founded on human reason illumined by faith and consciously motivated by the desire to do the will of God, a Christian should eventually be able to overcome both.

Dad Rock Diary: The Birthday Party - Prayers on Fire (1981) Debut studio album from Nick Cave and his post-punk pals in which they make noise. It's kind of like a jazz band continuing to play as their bus with no brakes hurtles down the side of a jagged rock quarry while a poet in the back seat screams out lines that came to him in a fever dream. Laudable Lyrics: I gagged it with a pillow but awoke the nuns inside my head. They pounded their Goddy-Goddy fists (from the inside - so from the outside). I got good: I stuck it. Dead.

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Friday, February 02, 2024


The Boneyard (1991) Oddball assortment of comedic character actors the likes of Norman Fell and Phyllis Diller find themselves trapped in a morgue with evil zombie children and a giant mutant poodle named Floofsums. Kind of a were-poodle, really. In reverse, though, since it starts off as a dog. Whatever, it's fun, as is most of the rest of the film once you get past the slog of the first fifteen minutes or so.

TIL: Though the Church insists that the ultimate resting place of human remains be in a sacred space (not on a shelf or anything), the Catechism notes that prior to burial or cremation, autopsies can be morally permitted for legal inquests or scientific research, and organ donation is considered legitimate and meritorious.

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Monday, January 29, 2024


Young Nurses in Love (1987) Sent to pilfer America's top secret sperm bank where DNA from the likes of Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison is being stored, a reluctant Russian spy's mission quickly goes off the rails thanks to gangsters, accidental sex changes, and soap opera romance on steroids. There are some laughs here, but mainly it just reinforces how much better the Zucker brothers were at this kind of thing than most everyone else.

TIL: Unsurprisingly, the Church frowns on donating sperm as it bypasses the unitive conjugal act of marriage and treats potential human beings as objects/products of scientific technology.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2024



Greetings (1968) The setup is three pals roaming around doing random stuff. The payoff is basically Brian DePalma directing an episode of SNL featuring fetal versions of Robert DeNiro and Gerrit Graham improvising their way through skits lampooning the Vietnam War, JFK conspiracy theories, voyeurism, and blind dating. Hard to find for a reason, but if you manage to jibe with its fresh out of college counter culture vibe, it's good for a few chuckles.

TIL: The traditional greeting at mass, "The Lord be with you," is a reference to the many times it appears in Scripture where even angels such as Gideon use it. It's meant to be a reminder of God's promise of “I shall be with you” in those times when we are called to undergo a task or situation something we couldn't normally make it through on our own. In that sense, it's not just a greeting, but a prayer.

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