Sunday, January 19, 2014



Ugh. The January movie season is underway, which means it’s time to put awards season behind me and once again start reviewing exceptionally average motion pictures. Case in point, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, which I took in for Aleteia this week. Watch it. Forget it. Move on.

But while not every new release is Academy Award material, it turns out that some films you’ve never heard of actually are. Peter T. Chattaway at Filmchat has the scoop on the Christian indie that managed to sneak into the Best Original Song category this year. You can listen to the song here. It’s a straight up worship piece, so I would expect it to fall on mostly deaf ears amongst Academy voters.

Speaking of things people probably don’t want to hear, it appears K. V. Turley at Crisis Magazine has gotten wind of the upcoming NBC remake of Rosemary’s Baby. Just what we needed, right, another unnecessary reimagining? Who knows, maybe it’ll actually turn out be a quality production. But even if it is, the whole exercise brings to Mr. Turley’s mind a few sobering thoughts about curiosity and the supernatural.

Not to be outdone by Turley’s lack of enthusiasm for a single movie, Foxfier at Catholic Stand takes a look at an entire genre and finds some awful examples of theology that are popping up in modern vampire stories. While you’re there, you might want to check in on Foxfier’s colleague, Bob Kurland, who takes some time to ponder the nagging question, “Does Yoda have a soul?”

Ah, Star Wars, it never stops providing fodder for articles. If you’re in the mood for something a little less blockbustery, then perhaps you’ll want to check out Joss Whedon’s Cabin In The Woods, which Enbrethiliel over at Shredded Cheddar finds has some interesting connections with The Holy Innocents.

Stepping away from movies for a minute, If page hits are any indication, it would seem my Pulp Catholicism cartoon series is one of the more popular items here at the B-Movie Catechism. But I’m hardly the only one out there having fun with Catholics and cartooning. If you haven’t run across Jeff B. Harris at Sword of Peter yet, be sure to stop by and check out his work.

And finally, just for fun, the multi-talented Roo Raymond has started producing a series of songs based on old B-Movies for the No-Budget Nightmares podcast. A ballad inspired by Boardinghouse? A composition for Cannibal Campout? These flicks are tough enough to make it through as they are, much less sit down and write songs about them. Be sure to stop by and show Roo some love for his effort.

That should keep you busy for awhile. See you next time.


Rocket Scientist said...

I still randomly hum

"Open the door you'll find the secret
To find the answer is to keep it
You'll believe it when you find
Something screaming 'cross your mind.
Green slime!"

and one of my all-time favorites,

"The mighty Sons of Hercules
Once thundered through the years.
These men of steel could never feel
The curse of a coward's fears.
The Mighty Sons of Hercules
Were men as men should be
They burned with dreams
And turned their dreams into history!"

You should write an entire post on this. They do add to the enjoyment of these movies.

EegahInc said...

Green Slime is a classic, but I thought for sure I was the only one who remembered the Sons of Hercules! I'll definitely have to come up with a post.