Monday, March 16, 2015


As you’ve probably guessed from the scarcity of posts around here, my day job has been keeping me busy for the last couple of weeks (can you believe writing about movies and Church stuff doesn’t pay the bills). I did manage to squeak in a quick review for Aleteia over the weekend, however. “The Drop Box” is a heart wrenching, but ultimately uplifting documentary about Pastor Lee Jong-rak and his efforts to save the unwanted children of Seoul, South Korea. The Catechism makes it explicit that those who cannot have children of their on “can give expression to their generosity by adopting abandoned children or performing demanding services for others.” It’s clear Pastor Lee has done both.

Of course, not everyone is up to the task of adopting…

Yep, rather than adopting, some folks should just stick to performing demanding services for others. God’s pleased either way.

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