Sunday, August 16, 2015


Now Showing Marquee 4

For better or worse (depending on your taste in entertainment, I suppose), this blog has been around for about 8 1/2 years now. Not surprisingly, it didn’t take anywhere near that long before a reader asked if, just perhaps, I couldn’t find a better way to spend my time than watching some of the dreck I talk about on this blog. If you’re interested in my response, it came in the form of a series of six posts starting with this one.

Well, apparently, some other folks out there have been asking themselves the same question lately and they have a few things to say on the matter. To begin with, Alexander R. Pruss, a philosopher over at Baylor University (and someone I thought I would never get to link to on this site), ponders the question of whether or not spending time watching trashy and/or kitschy movies is better than watching no movies at all. Similarly, over at Aleteia, Fr. Mike Schmitz fields a reader’s question as to whether or not watching a little trash TV is really all that bad for you. And finally, Fr. Dennis, over at his movie review blog, simply avoids the question entirely and just goes ahead and watches Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!

Oh well, at least there are some movies out there nobody ever questions watching, right, like say The Lord of the Rings trilogy? Perhaps not. The inimitable Darwin Catholic has given some thoughts to Peter Jackson’s movies and has pretty much decided that they ruin all of the strong characters from Tolkien’s books. Taking a shot at another sacred cow, the Catholic Movie Nerd has a few criticisms regarding the original Star Wars. As one might expect from a blogger named Catholic Skywalker, such criticism cannot remain unchallenged.

Speaking of Star Wars, the Rev. Daren J. Zehnle, K.H.S. from Servant and Steward (another person I thought I’d never have the chance to link to), has been listening to Pope Francis and discovered some possible similarities with a certain green Jedi master. Meanwhile, over at Word on Fire, Daniel Stewart has been considering the notion of fantasy and materialism in the Star Wars vs. Star Trek debate.

It sure seems like there’s a lot to argue about this time around, huh? So how about we end things up with something everyone, including the ever-popular Deacon Greg Kandra, can agree is utter crap. The good deacon recently ran across an article in the Los Angeles Times detailing a new show coming out this Halloween, Exorcism: Live! Yep, apparently Destination America is sending a bunch of television personalities to the location where the real life exorcism that inspired William Peter Blatty’s novel The Exorcist took place in order to cleanse it of any evil spirits lurking there. No, the Church is not involved, and yes, it will be utter crap. This is what happens when you have to fill up hundreds of channels of twenty-four hour programming.

I think that’s more than enough for this go around, see you next time.


MissJean said...

Those are some heavy-hitters! You're not going all mainstream on us, are you? :)

EegahInc said...

And leave my little dark corner of the Catholic blogosphere? Perish the thought!