Sunday, September 18, 2016


Now Showing Marquee 4

My futile efforts to catch up at my day job continue so, while the cruel taskmaster of circumstance keeps my nose firmly pressed to the grindstone, why not take some time to check out what some other folks are saying about religion and movies around the blogosphere.

I did manage to catch a couple of movies. For SCENES I revisited the excellent hillbilly horror parody, Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, while for Aleteia I braved the newest installment in the Blair Witch series. It’s okay taken by itself, but don’t expect another classic.

While you’re over at Aleteia, you might want to take a gander at 5 Great things to watch on Netflix now (from a Catholic guy) which Tommy Tighe has dug up. Sister Rose at the Movies seems to like Netflix too, at least those shows and movies on it that shine the light of grace in human stories. Both Tommy and Sr. Rose seem to be particularly fond of Netflix’s original series Daredevil, a show which I may have a few things to say about as well.

Not everything is on Netflix, though. Over at Suburban Banshee, M. S. Obrien has a post up touting what he considers one of the best SF movie he’s seen all year, Space Trucker Bruce. It’s definitely worth a watch, especially if you don’t mind watching movies made by amateurs with a $10,000 budget and filmed in the director’s basement. I caught it on Amazon Prime, but the filmmaker has also made the entire movie freely available on YouTube.

Less recommended is the recent animated adaptation of Batman: The Killing Joke. If you haven’t already heard about it, five minutes on the Internet should be enough to let you know everything it does wrong. However, despite its faults, Speculative Faith’s Mark Carver managed to make it through the whole thing and he came away with some interesting thoughts on just what he thinks the Joker represents.

Speaking of divisive things, SuperversiveSF’s Anthony M. takes a brief look at conflicting excerpts from the works of Nick Cole vs. Naomi Kritzer regarding artificial intelligences and God and chooses a side.

And that should be plenty of reading to keep you busy while I keep slogging away at work. Honestly, I’m beat. I could really go for a nap right about now.



Scott W. said...

How age-appropriate is Space Trucker?

EegahInc said...

Zero nudity, zero gore, some occasional sex talk. It's mostly characters having bizarre conversations with one another (and a container of sour cream).