Monday, July 09, 2018


So what happens when the moral majority shuts down a local clothing-optional gathering place? Why, the naturists commit mass suicide and come back as zombies to seek revenge on all those Bible thumpers, of course. What else did you think would happen?

Oddly, for a movie titled Nudist Colony of the Dead, there is very little actual bare flesh on display. What there is plenty of, however, is musical numbers Lots and lots of musical numbers. Take this little ditty, for example, in which a beleaguered believer insists she has figured out who the true villain of the movie is.

Well, I guess that’s one way to fight the devil. Truth be told, though, Old Scratch rarely sends nude zombies to terrorize us. That might happen once in a lifetime; twice tops. Normally, evil comes at us through temptation, through an appeal to our own worst impulses. As Aquinas put it…
“The temptation which comes from the enemy takes the form of a suggestion… Now a suggestion cannot be made to everybody in the same way: It must arise from those things toward which each one has an inclination. Consequently the devil does not straight away tempt the spiritual man to grave sins, but begins with lighter sins, so as gradually to lead him to those of greater magnitude.”
So yeah, there is the occasional external attack (nude zombie or otherwise), but most of the time it comes from within. Satan knows we’re our own worst enemies. Tailor your prayers accordingly.


Larry Denninger said...

Looks like a good video to show kids at Vacation Bible School.

EegahInc said...

Somewhere, liturgical dancers are already working up a routine to this.