Thursday, January 10, 2008


Dark conspiracies in the Catholic Church? Quantum physics? Alice Cooper as a zombie? Donald Pleasence as a crazy priest? What took us so long to get to this film? Our low budget John Carpenter film fest continues with 1987's Prince of Darkness.


D. G. D. Davidson said...

This looks like fun.

Anonymous said...

I'd completely forgotten about this one. Donald Pleasance as a priest: makes an interesting contrast with his portrayal of the Devil tempting Christ(one of the best in the movies I think) in what was it, "The Greatest Story Ever Told"? or one of them epics from the 70's.

I'm going to have to add this one to my Hollywood Catholic Satan/ apocalypse themed movies collection.

The Catholics really have the market cornered on the Satan scene. It kind of reminds me of Chesterton's "The Man Who was Thursday."

EegahInc said...

Don't expect an unbiased review, this is one of my favorite horror movies, period.

matthew archbold said...

This looks like he plucked together the cast of "Big Trouble in Little China" and Halloween and made a movie. BTW, "Big Trouble" is the greatest b-movie ever made. This, of course, is maddening for my wife. But she will allow to watch this if I threaten her with taking out Army of Darkness again.
I have to go check out this movie.

EegahInc said...

Big Trouble! I'm doubt there's a line in that movie I can't quote from memory. The commentary track on the DVD with Carpenter and Kurt Russell is great too.