Friday, January 13, 2012



As the recent influx of visitors from Good News Film Reviews reminds me, I was remiss in giving the credit (or blame, take your pick) for my recent review of Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls to author and critic Scott Nehring, who originally suggested I tackle Russ Meyer due to the lasting cultural influence his work has had on B-movies and popular culture. Now that I’ve gotten that review out of the way, I can finally get around to reading Scott’s book You Are What You See: Watching Movies Through a Christian Lens which I recently picked up as part of my Christmas Kindle gift card bonanza. Well, after I take a scalding shower to get the stink of Meyer off me that is.

While I’m taking care of that, feel free to check out some of the other folks around the blogosphere who have been busy digging up deeply buried meanings in the kind of fare typically found around these parts. For instance, over at Scorpion Stalking Duck, dadwithnoisykids (one of the first people on the Net to graciously notice this blog oh so many years ago) recently watched one of my childhood favorites Gorgo, and found in it not only the touching story of a prehistoric sea beast (guy in a rubber suit) who destroys London in order to retrieve her child, but maybe something pertaining to the spiritual state of Ireland as well. Meanwhile, Joe Wetterling at The Baptized Imagination reminisces on Army Of Darkness and finds an interesting connection in the movie to the new translation of the mass.

Oh, speaking of new versions of old things, Matthew Archbold of Creative Minority Report fame recoils in horror from the impending re-release of Star Wars-the Phantom Menace in 3-D and speculates on 10 more movies we don't ever want to see converted to that particular format. While not as horrified at the upcoming release of The Hobbit, Jason Dietz over at NonModern nevertheless finds some reasons why the latest trailer makes him sad. Oh well, you can’t expect Peter Jackson to please everybody. If you need more proof of that, then just take a listen to The Mrs. from DarwinCatholic as she makes what would normally be considered a heretical statement around these parts, “Giant Man-Eating Bugs Bore Me!” With a statement like that, I was ready to declare her anathema, then I realized she was just talking about Jackson’s remake of King Kong.

Blasted remakes. Aren’t there any new movies out there? Well, yes. But apparently even they are just recycling the same old garbage. At least that seems to be the conclusions of Father Steve at the Word On Fire blog, who takes notice of the recent  success of The Devil Inside and can’t help but wonder if we really need another boring exorcism movie? Steven Greydanus, who’s actually sat through The Devil Inside, answers NO!

Well, that should be enough to keep everyone busy while I’m scouring myself with Brillo pads. (Man,that Meyer stuff is tough to scrape away.) See you next time.

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