Wednesday, November 05, 2014


Now Showing Marquee 5

Well, it was a pretty busy week, at least everywhere but here. Over at Aleteia, I reviewed both “America The Beautiful 3,” a new documentary detailing the over-sexualization of our youth in our culture, and “St. Vincent,” a lightweight but enjoyable comedy boosted by a grumpy old Bill Murray. Meanwhile, at The Jukebox Hero Hymnal, I’ve added quite a few selections since the last time I linked there, diverse tracks such as “Try Again” by Big Star, “The Four Horsemen” by Aphrodite’s Child, “Holy Ghost” by Low and “40” by U2.

If you enjoy what I’m doing over at The Jukebox Hero Hymanl, then you might want to stop by God and the Machine where Thomas L. McDonald has recently been taking a listen to some Dark Country Songs For October.

Speaking of October, as always happens, the Halloween season brought a plethora of posts from around the blogosphere dealing with the kinds of stuff you usually find here. For instance, back over at Aleteia, Dr. Eugene Gan interviews a couple of former students from the Franciscan University of Steubenville about their upcoming sci-fi flick, “Shock Value.”

It’s going to be a while before “Shock Value” comes out, though, so until then, why not catch up on some of the classics. And what could be more classic than everybody’s favorite man made monster? That’s what Foxfier from The American Catholic thinks anyway as she takes a look at Frankenstein’s Monster, Then and Now. And just in case you’ve never gotten around to actually reading Mary Shelley’s book, Enbrethiliel at Shredded Cheddar is conducting a read through.

For those interested in a more modern classic, there’s Julia’ Yost’s take on “The Exorcist” and the fear of children over at First Things. Yeah, you heard right, First Things. See, everybody gets in on the act around Halloween.

But even The Exorcist is old stuff to today’s younger generations. They’ve got their own new classics that come to mind during this season. Jason Dietz from Non-Modern recognizes this and has a few words to say regarding What's Really Scary About "Saw."

If all of those “classics” are a bit too much for some of you more genteel readers, there’s always Catholic Skywalker’s Top 5 Movies to Watch on (or slightly after as the case may be) Halloween, a collection more interested in fun than in frights.

If blood and guts are problem, however, then “The Walking Dead” has more than enough to go around this season. Cari Donaldson is continuing her episode by episode recap of the hit series over at Clan Donaldson. Why not drop by and read her less than stellar reaction to this past week’s Bethisode, “Slabtown”.

And finally, just for fun, head on over to Acts of the Apostasy where LarryD gets into the spirit of the Day of the Dead and offers up a catalog of customized coffins sure to make you do a double take.

Alright, that should be plenty to keep you busy reading for awhile. We’ll see you next time.


Unknown said...

Um. How did I miss your Jukebox Hero Hymnal project?

EegahInc said...

Well, some would say you missed it by sheer good luck. Have any suggestions for tunes to add?

Unknown said...

Is Leonard Cohen's "Alleluia" too obvious? Oh, and despite their politics, I've always found Indigo Girls "World Falls" to be an amazingly sacramental view of the world and humanity's role as the crown of creation.

EegahInc said...

Nothing's too obvious for me. You can pretty much guarantee "Alleluia" will show up at some point. "World Falls" works too, but it might be a couple of weeks. I try to jumble up the decades so I don't just hang out in the 80s all the time :)