Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Pulp Catholicism 146


The Ubiquitous said...

Keep up the good work! These are starting to be good. Challenge: Write the next five without a caption.

I like this comic panel better than the others so far, but it has that darn caption still. Cut off the caption, and add something to the background of the strip about it being an interfaith prayer service and you have a much improved strip. Tweak it to taste so as not to give an ungenuine impression.

EegahInc said...

You know, all through high school and college, my teachers kept telling me to ditch art and concentrate on writing because it was my greater strength. Now you want me to give up my precious words!

Seriously though, that's an interesting challenge. I might just take you up on that for a cartoon or two.

Scott W. said...


As far as captions, it seems on a few of them it was more explaining the joke than telling the joke. Maybe this:

1. All visual. No caption, no in-panel speech (ie balloons).
2. Speech balloons but no captions.
3. No balloons, but succinct caption.

Be very cautious when thinking about speech balloons AND a caption. Not an absolute, but make sure the balloons and caption together complete the gag rather than one of them repeating the gag so to speak.

EegahInc said...

Another one? You know, this is something you guys might have mentioned... THREE YEARS AGO!!!

Actually, I like being pushed to be better. Thanks for the constructive criticism.