Friday, June 22, 2018


Final Terror

The Final Terror (1983) Darryl Hannah pays her acting dues in this backwoods slasher. Decent outdoors cinematography and unique killer, but otherwise meh. TIL: Despite the occasional madman, spending time in nature is a good way to recognize the touch of its creator.

Brain Eaters, The

Your daily dose of culture courtesy of The Brain Eaters (1958) - "Just as it is easier to sin in thought than in deed, correspondingly, it is more difficult to struggle with thoughts than with deeds." - St. Maxim the Confessor

Now Showing Marquee 4

Time didn’t allow me to review Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, though I did give it a meager 2.5 out of 5 stars over at Letterboxd. Yeah, it’s pretty average. Still, if you just have to read something about it, Titus Techera has a somewhat spoilery piece up at The Catholic World Report entitled “Science, Leviathan and Jurassic World” in which he explores some possible meanings for the dinosaurs in the franchise.

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