Friday, March 08, 2019


The Sleeping Car (1990) Lukewarm 80s leftover features a sad sack divorced dude renting a rail car furnished with a haunted sofa. No lie. TIL: Cool history: for 30 years prior to WWI, The St. Anthony of Padua chapel rail car carried mass to areas of the U.S. that had no church.

Still Voices - The Blues Brothers (1980) "The rod of correction gives wisdom, but uncontrolled youths disgrace their mothers." - Proverbs 29:15

Dad Rock Daily: Pilot - From The Album of the Same Name (1974) E.L.O. lite? Maybe a bit. Still, this one-hit wonder deserved to have three or four hits at least. Laudable Lyrics: Happy when working, peaceful in sleep, pray for the savior, my soul to keep.

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