Wednesday, February 16, 2022


Frankenhooker (1990) Man tries to improve his dead fiancé with parts from prostitutes, which try to get back to work. Henenlotter and Troma don't do subtle. TIL: The Church considers prostitution a scourge as it disregards human dignity and reduces one to a instrument to be used.

The Many Sins of Jimmy Olsen - Accomplice to Evil - To formally cooperate in the sin of another is to be associated with him in the performance of a bad deed in so far forth as it is bad, that is, to share in the perverse frame of mind of that other.

And finally, this week marks the 15th anniversary of The B-Movie Catechism (link in the bio). Yeah, I know, 15 years. Not to worry, though, there's still plenty of bad movies left to keep this silliness going for years to come. My sincere thanks to all who have dropped by over that time.

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