Friday, November 11, 2022


The Hidden (1987) Human detective and alien lawman track a psychotic body hopping slug. Sounds dumb, but it's a legitimate late 80's treat. TIL: Invasive parasites are a common analogy for sin because both kill their host if left unchecked, one physically, the other spiritually.

The Cyclops (1957) Rescue party gets trapped in a cave by a one-eyed giant. Bert I. Gordon's test run for Colossal Man is watchable, but certainly no Odyssey. TIL: Depending on the Bible translation, the giant Goliath was between 6'9" to 8'9" tall. He had both eyes, though.

Dad Rock Diary: Virus - Thoughts (1971) thoughtful, bluesy, Hammond heavy hard rock from Germany. Like... really, really Hammond heavy. Not a complaint at all, just saying, there's definitely Hammond here. Laudable Lyrics: I've only one question. Mankind, where do you go to?

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