Saturday, June 17, 2023


Babes in Toyland (1986) aka How to make Wizard of Oz for the cost of a ticket to a Bavarian theme park. After suffering a concussion, Lil' Drew Barrymore dreams a Mother Goose inspired adventure in which a baby-faced Keanu Reeves croons over Cincinnati while helping Jill Schoelen avoid forced marriage to a more disheveled than usual Richard Mulligan. Not weird enough for you? Fine, how about Pat Morita as Santa Claus?

TIL: Much like Trekkies and Star Wars nuts, Bible fans often come up with elaborate backstories for obscure background characters. For instance, there's at least one legend out there in which King Solomon's gal pal, the Queen of Sheba, is the original Mother Goose. As the story goes, along with tons of gold, the wise man's possible paramour also had an odd, duck-shaped foot and a penchant for telling tales. Now why would the authors of the Bible have left that little tidbit out?

Freeze Frames #008: "Sins, like chickens, come home to roost." - Charles W. Chesnutt

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