Sunday, September 17, 2023


Dr. Jekyll’s Dungeon of Death (1979) Continuing the family tradition of questionable medical practice, a mad doctor injects people with his great grandad's secret formula, compelling them to beat each other to death in his basement. Pretty sure this isn't the sequel Robert Louis Stevenson would have written, but since the film crew consists almost entirely of one guy and there's only a couple of sets, I suppose this is the sequel we get.

TIL: Early on, Robert Louis Stevenson was adamantly anti-religion and often disparaged belief of God, and yet in his later days he penned prayers for household worship meetings, a book of which was published by his wife following his death. "Strange as it may seem to you," he wrote to his strict Calvinist father, "everything has been, in one way or the other, bringing me nearer to what I think you would like me to be. 'Tis a strange world, indeed, but there is a manifest God for those who care to look for him."

Turns out that walking in the footsteps of Jesus and the prophets isn't just a metaphor. This week for  Aleteia I take a look at the new documentary Route 60: The Biblical Highway.

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