Friday, October 26, 2007


Well, it's time to start filling some reader requests. Judging by what's coming up over the next few weeks... shame, shame on all of you who have made fun of MY taste in movies.


Rich said...

Yeh, go ahead and laugh about this "giant eyeball" terrorizing the population. Go ahead. I will not. I've seen these things. I've been called to destroy these large evil eyeballs on more than one occasion. They are evil, they see you coming and you have to keep an eye out or you'll become their next victim. Laser. That is the only thing known to kill these things. Argon laser. Oh, they will shutter at the sight of a vitrectomy probe, but it's the laser that these things fear.

Go ahead and have a good laugh. As for me, I will continue to rid the world of these evil monsters.

EegahInc said...

Having no reason to doubt the veracity of your post, I can only assume you are either a hero or a madman. Given the stories behind some of our saints, we accept both here.

(Another doctor. I'm continuously humbled by the people who show up here for a little comic relief.)

Rich said...

"I can only assume you are either a hero or a madman."

I, sir am both!

Nice blog. God Bless.