Sunday, June 22, 2008


new media

SQPN’s first Catholic New Media Celebration has concluded and I’m back at the theater already. Although I’m lousy when it comes to interacting with real live human beings, I did manage to say hello to a few people there including Joe McClane from The Catholic Hack and SQPN founder himself Father Roderick, both whom seem to be genuinely nice guys.

A special thanks to Mark Shea for introducing me to the phrase “Nuking The Fridge” and giving me a reason to want to see the new Indiana Jones movie. (Probably not the one Lucas had in mind, but I’m sure he’ll take my money anyway.)

And a very special thanks to Jeff Miller, The Curt Jester, for his gracious compliments. I tried to track him down after the blogging panel to say thanks in person, but he either shies away from attention or he’s just freaking invisible.

Be sure to check out all the above links for what I’m sure will be interesting tidbits regarding the day’s events. All in all it was a pretty good way to spend a Sunday.


Jeff Miller said...

Well actually we had to hit the road.

Would have been nice to meet you though.

Allen's Brain said...

Aaaargh! "Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter"! You sure know how to bring the pain, Senor Eegah!

EegahInc said...

Jeff, Sorry to have missed the chance to say hello face to face, and not just to say thanks for the ego boost you gave me. Like a lot of other people there, I really appreciated the story of your conversion. While I'm obviously passionate about the catechesis side of our religion, I'm always glad to be reminded what this is really all about in the end.

Mr. Brain, you make me sound so cruel. It's not like I unleashed Billy The Kid vs. Dracula or something.

Allen's Brain said...

Coming up next on The B-Movie Catechism...