Saturday, August 02, 2014


Now Showing Marquee 2

For Aleteia this week, I reviewed Guardians of the Galaxy. You’ve probably already heard a lot of good things about it. They’re all true, it’s a blast. And let me be among the first to say, if Disney doesn’t release a dancing Groot action figure, they are going to be a lot of disappointed people come Christmastime.

On a more serious note, the Happy Catholic had a chance to take in Calvary, the recent indie film about an innocent priest who receives a death threat during confession from an abuse victim. Like Guardians of the Galaxy, it’s also getting rave reviews, but obviously not for the same reasons.

As for films unlikely to get a good review, Fr. V at Adam’s Ale has seen Sharknado Two; the Second One and wonders just who is going to help clean up the mess it left behind.

On the more philosophical side, The Curt Jester asks us to consider the spiritual implications of Star Trek’s transporter technology.

As long as we’re asking questions, Daniel McInery has 3 of them for director/actor Zach Braff.

And, finally, a little something for animation fans. Aspie Catholic takes a look at the stop-motion feature Mary & Max, while Joe Wetterling at the Barptized imagination ponders the short lived Green Lantern: The Animated Series.

Hope that gives you some fun stuff to read. See you next time.


Rocket Scientist said...

Thanks. I enjoyed racing them all, especially the transporter device post. Some of my favorite reading material deals with the moral issues of transporters.

Rocket Scientist said...

Reading! Not racing :D

Anonymous said...

I just went to my first SF convention this weekend & I really thought about you when I saw the sign that said "Sharknado Luau here tonight!"

EegahInc said...

Watching Sharknado 2 right now :)

PaperSmyth said...

Thanks for the Guardians of the Galaxy review. It is much appreciated. Didn't intend to see another so soon after Captain America: Winter Soldier, but there must be merit in the ticket price.

Gonna have to check out the post on implications of transporter tech after having a related discussion on why such devices may never work and what it would mean to duplicate life just this week with the preteen. So thanks for pointing that out. Always great things over here. :)

EegahInc said...

As I mentioned in the comments section over there, I just finished reading an old Star Trek novel called Spock Must Die! in which McCoy and Scotty argue over the moral implications of transporters. McCoy almost sounds Catholic in the book.