Saturday, August 23, 2014


For Aleteia this week, I reviewed When The Game Stands Tall, the story of the legendary coach of the De La Salle Spartans, Bob Ladouceur, and how he his team recover their spirits after blowing a 151 game winning streak. As is often the case with films directed by television veterans, the movie is kind of static and in no way flashy. Because of this, I’m pretty sure a lot of the big critics are going to beat it up. Ignore them, it’s a good movie.

Besides, it’s football season. Who doesn’t like the action, the drama, the… spinach?

That Olive Oyl sure is a fickle one isn’t she? It seems like all it takes to sway her affections is a check in the win or loss column.

Fr. John Hardon's Modern Catholic Dictionary notes that happiness “implies a state of well-being and not some single experience, and a relative permanence and constancy.” Hence, you can’t expect to experience a lot of happiness in a relationship if you never know what state it’s going to be in from moment to moment.

Oh sure, the occasional fight here and there is fine. But if the whole shebang could end in a moment’s notice just because your significant other happens to glance a big galoot carrying a football better than you, well, I’d say there’s a lack of relative permanence and constancy there. No wonder poor Popeye always has that squinted up face and is mumbling to himself continuously. His woman’s inconstancy keeps him miserable.

Oh well, that’s just another reason to choose a spouse who makes an effort to conform themselves to God. As the Catechism notes, “In all his works God displays, not only his kindness, goodness, grace and steadfast love, but also his trustworthiness, constancy, faithfulness and truth.” Nowhere does it say he’ll dump you for falling behind in a football game.

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