Friday, January 23, 2015


Now Showing Marquee 4

As you’ve probably guessed from the dearth of posts both here and at Aleteia over the past couple of weeks, I’ve had some non-Internet stuff taking up my time. But, with a bit of intercession from Mary and a timely assist from God, it looks like things are slowly getting back to normal. Well, the closest to normal it’s ever going to get around here anyway. Still, rather than waiting around for me to get my act together, why not spend some time checking what some other folks have to say about religion, movies and television.

One sign that things are starting to improve is that our old pal The Sci-Fi Catholic is back from his long Internet sabbatical and reviewing up a storm. For anime lovers he takes a look at “Princess Tutu,” the surrealistic adventures of a duckling who is magically transformed into a young girl so she can become a ballerina. That’s weirdness on a level we can definitely appreciate. If you’d rather watch something more along the lines of what we normally serve up around these parts though, well, D.G.D. has that covered as well with his review of one of J. Michael Straczynski’s early efforts, “Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future.” The screenshots alone are worth the read.

Eschewing a lot of screenshots for obvious reasons, R. L. Copple over at Speculative Faith has been thinking about “The Walking Dead” and has some things to say about Christianity, Gore, and Death. Catholic dad Daniel Bearman has also been watching a lot of zombie movies lately and wonders would the teachings of the Catechism actually allow us to kill the undead or not?

If you’d rather stick to less gory, more traditional fare, then join Jason Dietz from NonModern as he takes upon himself the task of rewatching the entire run of every Star Trek series ever, starting with episode that began it all, “The Man Trap.” I can think of worse ways to spend my time.

One of those ways is watching the upcoming Oscars, which I will no doubt do despite my protestations. Yep, there’s nothing like spending a few hours watching Hollywood pat its own back and celebrate movies almost nobody went to see. Oh well, at least we have Catholic Skywalker’s annual "Kal-El's” to honor the movies and performances most folks actually enjoyed in 2014.

And just for the heck of it, head on over to Acts of the Apostasy where LarryD has the scoop on the Pope’s planned visit to the International Space Station sometime in 2016.

There. That should be enough to keep you busy until I’m back up and running on a regular basis. We’ll see you then.


Rocket Scientist said...

Remember that normal can be boring. With children you may be aggravated, challenged and charmed but you will never be bored. Praying for your life to become somewhat more orderly.

EegahInc said...

I can honestly say I'm never bored :)