Tuesday, September 18, 2007


It's hard to imagine that anyone who reads this blog is unfamiliar with The Sci-Fi Catholic, but just in case there are one or two who haven't found their way over there yet, now is the time. Our pal D. G. D. Davidson has proven his bravery by trudging his way through the entirety of The Burning Hell and I can tell you from experience, it ain't easy. His comments on the theological problems a good catholic would find with the film are, as always, very insightful and graciously frees me from having to address them myself. My usual goofy take on the film will be up in just a day or two.

While you're at the Sci-Fi Catholic, you might also want to check out D.G.D. & Snuffle's reviews of the Korean CGI fest Dragon Wars, The Invasion starring Nicole Kidman, the anime classic Akira, and the Neil Gaiman adaptation Stardust. They seem to have liked a grand total of one of them, but I'm not saying which. You'll just have to read them all.

Other than that, we're stuck in the celluloid wasteland that is the end of summer and back to school days. There's just not a lot of people going to the movies. If they are, they're not blogging about it. Teofilo de Jesus over at Vivificat did grab the DVD of Babylon 5: The Lost Tales however, and seems to be pleased with what he saw.

And although not technically a blog, Anthony Sacramone of First Things did get a look at Milos Forman's latest cinematic excursion Goya's Ghost and was left with the burning question, "Huh?".

That's about it, though. I'll see you shortly with the much delayed double feature.


D. G. D. Davidson said...

I think Snuffles liked Dragon Wars but just won't admit it.

Snuffles the Dragon said...

Hey, I liked Akira, but I like to criticize more.

Teófilo de Jesús said...

Wow! Thank you for the kind comments and the link!

EegahInc said...

My pleasure. Back during the days of the great space station wars I was definitely on the side of Babylon 5 rather than the other more popular franchise. Hmm, maybe one day I'll be able to figure out how to do a review of Star Wreck: In The Pirkinning.