Friday, October 19, 2007


What the...? A mere week after I reviewed the classic eco-stinker Frogs, lo and behold what should appear in GOLEM: Journal of Religion and Monsters but a student paper by Elizabeth Smith of Hendrix College on... Frogs. I readily admit that most, if not all, of the people who read and comment on my blog are smarter than me (go read their blogs and you'll agree), but I thought I had at least cornered the market on religion and bad movies. How's a poor B-Movie Catechist to compete with paragraphs like, "While on the surface Frogs appears to be nothing more than a badly written movie, several layers of significance and relevance emerge upon deeper inspection. Through the association of the frogs with the angel statues, the frogs function as divine messengers, a literal monstrum, warning us about the dangers of tampering with nature. They fulfill the same function as ancient chaos gods, aroused after interference with the divinely mandated order of the cosmos." I hope she got an A.

Speaking of people more intelligent than me, D. G. D. Davidson of The Sci-Fi Catholic quit playing in the dirt long enough to head back to the multiplex to catch the latest "I'm not Harry Potter but I sure would like some of his money" opus The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising. "The film's shortcomings and mistakes are legion." is one quote which might give you a hint as to his feelings on the movie.

Barbara Nicolosi at the Church of The Masses doesn't find quite as many mistakes with Michael Clayton, George (Return Of The Killer Tomatoes) Clooney's latest effort, but that doesn't mean she didn't find enough to give it a definite "uh, no."

But lest you think it's all bad out there, here's a slightly older review by Allen from (conveniently enough) It Came From Allen's Brain for the penguin hang-ten epic Surf's Up! He enjoyed the surfing, the penguins, and some of the morally positive messages the movie had to offer. But mostly I think he enjoyed the surfing. (I ran across Allen's blog as a part of the Ironic Catholic's series on Christian Humor Blogging. I imagine anyone who wanders through here already knows about The Ironic Catholic, but if you missed this series of posts, it's well worth reading. Dang, but there's a bunch of bloggers out there funnier than me too.)

And finally, although not entirely movie related, I pass along this little tidbit from TheoFantatique in which John W. Morehead puts a positive spin on the zombie version of The Last Supper. Not only are his connections to the "difficult teachings" in John Chapter 6 something I wish I had thought of, but it just goes to show there are weirder blog postings than mine out there.

Well, after that particularly humbling post all I can say is that I'll see you in a few days with my not-quite-as-smart-as-others, not-quite-as-funny-as-others, and not-quite-as-weird-as-others (okay, maybe that last one's not all the way true) review of Deafula. See you then.


John W. Morehead said...

Thanks for a great blog, and for your nomination for a bog wierder than your own! I almost didn't post my thoughts on the zombie Last Supper, but I'm glad someone found it not only wierd, but having some relevancy to the Christian faith.

You might benefit from reviewing the website of my Catholic colleague, Lint Hatcher, at



EegahInc said...

Thanks for dropping by. I always find the stuff on TheoFantastique worth reading. I'll be sure to check out the Halloween site too.