Monday, October 08, 2007


Hmm, we seem to be having double vision this week.

Since I found it necessary to make mention of some of poor Mary-Kate's personal problems in the most recent Newsreel, let's even the tables a bit by letting her and her sister Ashley be the heroes this time around. Here's a little something from one of the NYC Flicker Super 8 Festivals. Although I'm fairly certain the animator considered the inclusion of praying to Jesus as nothing more than a punchline, he might be pretty surprised how close to the truth he actually is. Fr. Thomas D. Williams reminds us that "we may not feel it right away, but all experienced pray-ers know, that God answers every prayer we utter. True, he does so in his own time and in his own way, but that is part of the adventure of living a personal relationship with your Creator." You just never know in what unexpected (sometimes even bizarre) ways prayers will be answered.

Of course, waiting for the answer can be the hard part. Father Joel Sember, one of a pair of identical twins recently ordained to the priesthood, remarks that, "My generation is in a bit of a hurry and expect things to be instant. And so we might say a few words to God, listen for 30 seconds and say, 'Well, I guess he's not talking to me.' But God works very slowly. ... He'll wait and let us talk. And wait until we're good and finished before he'll respond."

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