Sunday, March 27, 2011


Now Showing Sign

Well, the 20011 Catholic Media Promotion Day has come and gone, but if you’re like me, you’re still trying to catch up on all the recommendations that were made. A complete list can be found here if you’re looking for something new to read or listen to.

One of the podcasts I checked out which will definitely be making it into my regular listening routine is The Catholic Warthog put out by Jason Elizondo. In his latest episode, Jason discusses the history of Fritos, gives his impressions on the V season finale, and, having seen the trailer for American Pie 4, gets into a discussion on our responsibilities as parents in preventing our children from seeing certain movies before they are emotionally mature enough to handle the ideas in them. If you don’t think there aren’t adults taking that responsibility serious enough, then hop on over to Catholic Lane for an article covering some of the questionable R-rated movies being shown in Catholic High Schools. In all honesty, some of the films they seem down on like Dead Man Walking, I would have no problem being shown to and discussed with the older classman. But c’mon, Hair, really? Oh, and all you homeschoolers, don’t think that you’re immune.The New York Post article informs us of a recent court ruling which opens the door to more nudity on broadcast television. So keep an eye on those remotes parents.

On the reading front, one of the blogs I picked up during the Media Promotion event is a fairly new effort called The Baptized Imagination. This is where Joe Wetterling attempts to find Catholic truth in the world of fantasy and sci-fi, so you can see the draw. Having finally gotten around to giving Firefly a viewing on Netflix streaming (I know, I know, but a guy can’t have seen everything can he?), I was particularly interested in his take on the episode The Hero of Canton.

As for some of the places I’ve been visiting regularly for awhile, The Happy Catholic (who has a book coming out, by the way) offers up some movie suggestions for Lent, Fr. Erik over at Orthometer has found yet another reason to dislike Tom Cruise, Fr. Dwight Longenecker finally gets around to watching the Book Of Eli, Fr. Philip Neri Powell has something to say about Comets, Zombies, & Righteousness, and over at Shirt Of Flame, Heather King wonders why atheists have no equivalent to The Greatest Story Ever Told.

In more mainstream news, Dick Straub visits this year’s Sundance Film Festival and comes away with the impression that spirituality is making a big comeback in movies this year, Arts & Faith chooses their Top 25 Horror Movies of All Time (Feel free to disagree. I did. Peeping Tom?), and Anthony Hopkins weenies out just a bit when asked about his beliefs in an interview for The Rite.

And finally, though it doesn’t have much of anything to do with religion, I give you the first glimpse at Roger Corman’s follow up to Sharktopus… Pirahnaconda!

See you next time.


(former) Rocket Scientist said...

Pirahnaconda! I love it. So when can we expect your long-awaited review of 4-D Man? I haven't missed it, have I?

EegahInc said...

Nope, you haven't missed it, I'm just dreadfully slow. Actually, I like to put a little extra research into most of my longer reviews, and March has just kicked my butt on a personal level, so I've only gone through about 2/3 of the material I want to for it. It's coming, I promise.

(former) Rocket Scientist, now Student said...

I'll look forward to it. And on a personal note, we too have a son with Aspergers. We have 6 children, all either hyperactive or severely ADD, or both. One psychiatrist described us accurately as a "high-energy household". Patrick was not diagnosed until he turned 20. All that time we just thought he was extra- extreme ADD. He is an incredibly funny kid, and a lot of fun to raise. We think he acquired his sense of humor to mask the fact that he didn't understand what people were saying to him, but who cares? He's now a physics major in a huge college where he can happily remain anonymous. Keep slogging through your parenting. The rewards are worth it.

EegahInc said...

Thanks for the support. I wouldn't haven't my son any other way than how he is, but it can be tough when one parent's out of commission for a week. You pray for my family, I'll pray for yours :)

(former) Rocket Scientist said...