Friday, March 22, 2013


Because what the world needs now is one more person on Twitter, I’ve decided to sign up and bore people with random movie quotes, instantaneous rants about whatever I’m watching, and other unnecessary things. Feel free to add me to your already cluttered Twitter feed. You can sign up in the sidebar. Actually I decided to go ahead and join up after Pope Francis followed Benedict VXI’s lead and started to send out tweets. It’s just kind of neat to look at my phone and see the occasional inspirational quote from His Holiness. So, that’s one more begrudging step I take into the modern era. Still not going to buy a Blu-Ray player though, not gonna do it.

Speaking of twits.


Eric Mendoza said...

I'll be sure to follow you, Dave, although I'm not much of a Tweeter.

I also have a bit of news that might change your mind on Blu-Ray... Criterion just released "The Blob" in all its 1080p gooeyness!

EegahInc said...

Lead us not into temptation!