Thursday, March 07, 2013


Now Showing Sign

This week the nice folks at Aleteia asked me to check out Bryan Singer’s big budget fairy tale, Jack The Giant Slayer. It’s already being called this year’s John Carter, so that may give you an idea about whether you’ll like it or not. Also over at Aleteia, in the wake of the dismal reception of The Last Exorcism Part II, Caitlin Bootsma ponders Hollywood’s portrayal of exorcism versus the reality of the rite.

For entertainment with a little more weight behind it, you can visit Matt Emerson at the venerable First Things where he recently viewed the Academy Award nominated Silver Linings Playbook. Tony Rossi at Christopher Closeup has some things to say about that movie also. On the TV front, Scott W from Romish Graffiti has been watching the “gritty” A&E series The Glades and the “grittier” AMC show Hell On Wheels and found more than a little liberal wish-fulfilment fantasy.

Now, if none of those movies or shows strike your fancy, but you’re still looking for some films to watch while waiting on the white smoke to rise at the Vatican, well not to worry, Donald R. McClarey has you covered over at The American Catholic.

And if those still aren’t enough to keep you occupied, then there’s always the off screen antics of the Hollywood elite to keep you entertained. Jim Carrey recently tweeted some rather nasty things about the Catholic Church and Matthew Archbold spends some time explaining why Jim was full of it. Elsewhere, The Crescat has some things to say about the feminist uproar over Seth McFarlane’s “I Saw Your Boobs” song at the Oscars.

And finally, Roger Ebert recently devoted a column explaining how he is a Roman Catholic. While he basically ends up being a Catholic in the same way agnostic Jews are Jewish, it’s still a pretty thoughtful and sometimes surprising piece (Ebert’s stand on abortion might not be what you imagine).

And that should be plenty to keep you occupied, at least until next week. See you then.

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