Sunday, July 26, 2015


See if you can spot the problem the scientists in the following clip from 1990’s Metamorphosis: The Alien Factor are having.

That’s right, they’re facing the age-old conundrum  of when, where and how it is appropriate to show public displays of affection in front of your… progeny.

Well, according to Pope Francis, almost any time is a good time for parents to express their love for one another through little caresses or kisses. In an address to parents of confirmation candidates in 2014, His Holiness remarked how important it was that children witness their parents being affectionate. “Don't ever forget that your children are always watching you” the Pontiff explained, “and when they see that a father and mother love each other, children grown in an air of love, in happiness, also in security, because they know that they are safe in the love of their father and mother.”

So, go ahead mom and dad, hug and smooch away in front of the kids, it’s fine. Um, might want to make sure you’re not brandishing a needle in front of their eyes at the time, though. Probably just asking for trouble if you do that.

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