Sunday, July 05, 2015


One of the nice things about the job I actually get paid for (sadly, nobody tosses money at movie reviewers these days) is that it affords me the opportunity to drive all over north Georgia. And since I have a camera with me at all times, I have, as of late, had the urge to share some of the weird and/or interesting things I run across on Instagram. Here’s a sampling:

Not a giant or a rat... but it was alive, so it had that going for it. #fairgroundart

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Ran across this little #church today where apparently they're trying out some DIY #stainedglass

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Not sure if my sweet gum tree is feeling frisky or if I'm being invaded by #podpeople #natureisweird

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Haven't seen one of these in a while. Classic #anightmareonelmstreet pinball machine. #noes

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#catholic #monasteryoftheholyspirit

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“Wonder is a great grace, the grace that God gives us in our encounter with Jesus Christ.” Pope Francis noted back in 2013. “It is something that draws us outside of ourselves with joy.” And, as His Holiness’ recent encyclical, Laudato si’, pointed out, that inner experience of meeting the living Christ can then transform the way we view the outer world, allowing us to approach nature and the environment with an openness to awe and wonder. Me, I guess I just like to try and expand it just one step further and leave myself open to the weird and wonderful in just about everything, even otherwise benign statues of chicken farmers.

So, if you feel like following along on my travels through the ATL and up into Deliverance territory, just head on over to Instagram and follow me at eegahinc. If you do, I’ll be sure to follow back so I can see what kind of wonders you’re finding in this wonderfully weird world we live in.


Rocket Scientist said...

What a great eye you have. It reminds me of a wonderful walk through Mamoth Caves with my young son. We trailed well behind the others, checking every dark corner and crevice for giant monsters. Although we didn't find any real monsters, we did find outcroppings which could have been monsters. I think we had more fun than the entire rest of the family v

EegahInc said...

Who would go in a cave without checking for monsters? That's just common sense.

Wm. said...

I still like the picture of rabbit statues you found.