Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Pulp Catholicism 142


Scott W. said...

Ahh AD&D in the eighties...good times. In the 90' s in grad school me and a chum recalled the alignment languages (which Gygax said he regretted later), and went around saying gibberish to each other and calling it chaotic good. But if I recall correctly, wasn't alignment chosen and not rolled? (Unless your class had a requirement like a paladin needing lawful good). I also seem to recall Gygax being on record as against player characters being evil.

EegahInc said...

Yep, you choose alignment, which is why I thought a seminarian choosing evil when rolling up a character might raise a few eyebrows (or crucifix in this case). I think you're right about Gygax. Either way, I banned it in the few games I ran.

Xena Catolica said...

There's this on the horizon:

and also this, which is much more a sure thing:


EegahInc said...

Well, I actually liked the last Godzilla movie, but they're going to have to work extra hard to replace the first King Kong vs Godzilla in my heart.