Sunday, December 31, 2017


Some things have to be posted simply because they exist. Such is the case with the Kaiju Christmas song...

Yeah, I have no idea what he's saying. Fortunately, we live in the Internet era, so it doesn't take much effort to look up a translation for the lyrics listed in the liner notes. Here's one courtesy of MyKaiju.

Go-Go-Gojira Santa Claus! Looking good with a red hat
Full of gifts! With Minilla too! Look! Look! Hear the sound of bells!
La la la la la la! A present!
With a white beard and shaking smile
La la la la la la! A ringing bell!
Everyone sing, Christmas!
Mo-Mo-Mothra is a flying bird! Coming from a distant land!
(Line not translated)
La la la la la la! A present!
The monsters' hearts are bouncing
La la la la la la! A ringing Bell!
Snow is falling! Christmas! Snow is falling! Christmas!

Hmm, that seems a little sketchy in places. There's even one line they either overlooked or couldn't figure out. Maybe we should give Google Translate a shot at it.

Go-Go-Gojira! Santa's red hat suits you well
Souvenirs filled with Minilla The sound of a bell that can hear this
La la la la la la! A present!
White beard also shakes
La la la la la la! A ringing bell!
Let's sing together every Christmas
Mo-Mo-Mothra is a flying bird from a distant country
Dance with your hands tightly and sad tears blown away
La la la la la la! A present!
The hearts of monsters also bounce
La la la la la la! A ringing Bell!
Christmas falling snowing Christmas falling snowing Christmas!

Alrighty then. Either way, it doesn't look like we're getting it absolutely right. And this is translating something from a language that over 125 million people use every single day. No wonder we're constantly seeing new translations of the Bible coming out. After all, the Scriptures were written in ancient Hebrew, Aramaic, and Koine Greek, none of which are in common use anymore. It's a miracle we can piece together decent modern translations at all, much less agree on what the original authors were trying to say. If only there had been put in place some final authority to settle matters when disputes over the Bible arose. Oh, wait...

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