Tuesday, March 10, 2020


The Gore Gore Girls (1972) A-hole P.I. tracks maniac who executes exotic dancers with a meat tenderizer. Even the cast seems less than interested in what's going on. TIL: The Church frowns on stripping because it objectifies women and is intended to incite lust, not love.

Still Voices - Guardians (2017) "Always respect Mother Nature. Especially when she weighs 400 pounds and is guarding her baby.” – James Rollins

Sing A New Song: Ozzy Osbourne - Ordinary Man (2020) Not quite prime Ozzy, but he's not in his prime anymore and knows it, making the subject matter oddly poignant. Laudable Lyrics: The road to Hell isn't paved. Not every soul can be saved (You reap what you sow).

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