Thursday, July 09, 2020


Jennifer on My Mind (1971) Aimless rich kid pursues drug-addled hippie chick. Not sure it's serious or trying to satirize Love Story, so let's call it a fail. TIL: A relationship should be morally helpful to both parties. One resembling Lou Reed's Berlin probably doesn't qualify.

Tinseltown Testaments: "I know now why my father resisted Scarabus, because he knew that one cannot fight evil by hiding from it. Men like Scarabus thrive on the apathy of others." - The Raven (1963)

Dad Rock Diary: Sonny Bono - Inner Views (1966) Typical hippy ramblings combined with Sonny's occasional whine grates, but the arrangements are superb and the whole thing grows on you. Laudable Lyrics: Much to my acute surprise, Sunday morning has still survived.

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