Wednesday, September 02, 2020


Turistas (2006) Vacationing hardbodies run afoul of Brazilian organ harvesters. Play on a double-bill with Hostel and you'll never want to leave the U.S.A. again. TIL: 65% of Brazilians are members of the Church, making the country the largest Catholic community in the world.

Dad Rock Diary: April Wine - The Nature of the Beast (1981) Somewhere there's an 80's kid with a mullet and a Camaro who thinks this is the best album ever. Laudable Lyrics: Only doing as they please. You'll never hear a word about Heaven or what they'd have to do to fly so high.

And finally, Daniel Kempton and Anne Hendershott over at The Catholic World Report ask the question, “Can horror give hope in a horrifying world?”


Scott W. said...
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Scott W. said...

Yep. Owned Nature of the Beast. In fact it was such a cliche I remember a city-paper comic in 199? entitled, "Did you avoid these childhood consumer pitfalls?" with drawings of pop-culture stuff. I can't remember it, but I distinctly remembered all the albums because I bought them:

REO Speedwagon's High Infidelity
Journey's Captured
And of course April Wine

He had my number!