Sunday, September 20, 2020


Daigoro vs. Goliath (1972) Giant dog/hippo thing must fight a bigger monster or Japan won't feed him anymore. Kooky kaiju for kids and the young at heart. TIL: The Church denounces using access to food (part of the right to life) as a means for controlling or subjugating others.

One Sheet Words of Wisdom: The Party Animal (1984) "Drooling is not thinking, picturing is not thinking, craving is not thinking, dreaming is not thinking... thinking about sex means striving to see sex in its innermost reality and in the function it is meant to serve." - Frank Sheed

Dad Rock Diary: The Kinks - Something Else by The Kinks (1967) So begins a string of modern masterworks that lasts for at least three more albums. Laudable Lyrics: Percilla saw her little children and then decided she was better off than the wayward lass that her sister had been.


Scott W. said...

There was a VHS of Party Animal in my friend's dorm with a label: "Watch only if really drunk." I remember greeting each other with, "I want the M-5!!"

EegahInc said...

When this came out, I was walking out of the theater and bumped into another member of the Protestant youth group I was a part of at the time. When just gave each other a look as if to say, "We shall never speak of this again."