Monday, September 12, 2022


Best of the Best (1989) Ragtag American Tae Kwon Do team vies for glory and honor. Every cliché conceivable, but extra stars for being so darn enjoyable. TIL: As the Patron Saint of Athletes and Soldiers, St. Sebastian usually gets the calls from martial artists as well.

The Intruder (1981) Caped emissary of Howard Turt offers self-actualization to dreary small town Canada. Mesmerizing in a "what the hell is this" kind of way. TIL: Maslow's self-actualization is an obsession with self-concern. Christianity asks us to focus on the needs of others.

Split Second (1992) Ruther Hauer tracks a heart-eating killer in future flooded London. Hauer's Hauer, and the recognizable faces help keep things lively. TIL: The well-known image of the pierced Sacred Heart represents Christ's long-suffering love and compassion for humanity.

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