Sunday, March 27, 2011


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Because someone’s bound to ask…
(1) The name of the movie from which the clips are taken is Curse Of The Blue Lights, perhaps the finest film ever made in Pueblo, Colorado, the City of Excellence.
and (2) Yes, I know there’s something seriously wrong with me.


LarryD said...


Now we know why Jesus told Peter "Get thee behind me, Satan!" So that He wouldn't be downwind...

And it puts a whole new meaning to James and John being called "Sons of Thunder", too.

Anonymous said...

Just bear in mind that any beans they were eating were fava beans, delicious but very labor-intensive to skin. What we normally think of as beans, phaseolus vulgaris, is native to the New World, so Jesus and crew weren't having cowboy beans around the campfire ("Ah think you boys have had about enough!"). Favas are great with lamb--I once had favas & lamb made by a Sephardic friend for Passover and it rocked.

Xena Catolica

belinda said...

My blog administrator says's that "Ladies" aren't suppose to have this kind of issue, so I would assume that Mother Mary, Mary and Martha, were free from such unpleasantries however Brother Lazarus probably had a stench about him but perhaps for other reasons.
As a person who suffers from disordered eating, this is a serious question and I'm continually asking myself WWJE.

EegahInc said...

What can I say, Larry? The B-Movie Catechism... never too proud to go for the fart joke.

Xena, that's interesting about the beans. Luckily, I browsed a couple of Jewish discussion forums while looking stuff up for this and, at least according to a few guys on there, my punch line is still more than covered by the lentils. For better or worse.

belinda, also while looking stuff up I ran across a couple of books on Amazon. Just in case you haven't ran across them yet, they were Foods Jesus Ate and How to Grow Them by Allan A. Swenson & What Would Jesus Eat? by Don Colbert.

Amanda Borenstadt said...

Educational and humorous. I love your blog! :p

EegahInc said...

Thanks, Amanda, always glad to bring a smile to someone. And feel free to laugh at me as well as with me, I don't mind.