Monday, April 04, 2011


Most everyone who has seen Mac And Me agrees that the people behind the film should be put down like the sick animals they are, for their own good and the good of the whole world. Not only is the movie a blatant lawsuit-worthy rip off of E.T., but to try and drag even more sympathy out of the viewers, the filmmakers decided to make the main kid who befriends the alien crippled. And don’t even get me started on the product placement. I’ve seen commercials with less product placement than Mac And Me. Take for example this completely WTF scene in which the kids take the god-awful hideous alien (way to frighten the children who make up your target audience, guys), who is mercifully disguised in a bear suit (sorry Nick Cage, Mac And Me did it first), down to the local McDonalds where an impromptu dance scene breaks out. Because, you know, if you’re going to make your lead character crippled, you darn sure better include a dance number, right?

And before you ask, no, I have no idea what the ambiguously gay football players are doing there either?

Look, I’m only bringing up Mac And Me because it’s Lent. And as Pope Benedict XVI explained in his Lenten address this year, “The Lenten period is a favorable time to recognize our weakness and to accept, through a sincere inventory of our life, the renewing Grace of the Sacrament of Penance, and walk resolutely towards Christ.” And in performing an inventory of my life, I’ve had to face the fact that I’ve done some really bad things. Including way back in 1988, when as the assistant manager of a movie theater, I made people pay good money to see Mac And Me. I’m so sorry. If any of you are by any chance reading this, please forgive me. I promise, I’ll never do anything like that again.

Whew, I’m glad that’s off my shoulders. Now I can, as His Holiness suggests, continue that “journey of conversion towards Easter [which] leads us to rediscover our Baptism” so that we may “renew our acceptance of the Grace that God bestowed upon us at that moment, so that it may illuminate and guide all of our actions.” I feel so much better now. You know, maybe all of you should take a moment this Lent to inventory your lives as well.

Just don’t expect the process to be pretty.



(former) Rocket Scientist said...

I've never seen this one. And thanks for the reminder that Lent is a renewal period. Laetare Sunday right in the middle of Lent reminds us that we don't have to go around with sackcloth and ashes to embrace renewal.

(former) Rocket Scientist said...

And wow. That's one ugly alien.

LarryD said...

Okay then. Whoever made this movie was several fries short of a Happy Meal.

LarryD said...

And BTW - I think you ought to go to Confession again for having posted this clip. Sure, I didn't waste any money, but what about the 4:28 I'll never get back??

EegahInc said...

(former) Rocket Scientist, a few things I didn't mention:

(1) This movie actually features a whole family of aliens, all of them uglier than Mac. Check YouTube if you think I'm lying.

(2) In addition to their appearance, the aliens speak with a nerve shattering combination of chirps and whistles.

(3) They are all horribly nude throughout the film. Except for the scene with the bear suit that is.

Sigh. I suppose you're right LarryD, a few more ashes for me before renewal time.

belinda said...

This film clip gave me the exact same feeling I got when I ate a McFillet O' fish sandwich for lent
-McNausea and Mcdisappointment.

belinda said...

Dear Mr.Rocket, how do you define renewal? Perhaps as in us drawing closer to Christ and his commands or as in the "Sister Pat" form of renewal -also known as "Deconstruction." ;)

EegahInc said...

Alas, belinda, now I feel nothing but McShame in having posted this.

belinda said...

No McShame necessary, I'm only teasing.

-except for the part about the Mcfish sandwich, it really was nasty.

I don't know how to spell the gasping, whiny groan noise I just made.

(former) Rocket Scientist said...

Belinda - technically it's Mrs Rocket Scientist. (If I list myself as former lady rocket scientist, it's open to misinterpretation. I am not a former lady. :) ) And renewal as in renewing our Baptismal promises, as mentioned by Mr. Eegah. I must be too busy trying to keep up with my lengthening list of cheesy movies to learn who Sister Pat is. It sounds like I really don't want to know anyway. The nuns I have known either (a) taught us in Catholic school 45 years ago and were very orthodox and hard-working or (b) are young, vibrantly prolife orthodox Catholics. I must be blessed because these are the only kinds of nuns I've ever met.

Anonymous said...

Belinda-you're making me grateful the local Hardee's runs coupons in my diocesan paper for their beer-battered fish sandwich (and matching beer-battered onion rings). They're quite edible. I don't know how the Orthodox can give up grease for Lent; I'd curl up and die long before achieving sanctity.

Xena Catolica

EegahInc said...

It's a little known fact that GREASE is the hidden 6th block in the food pyramid without which we cannot function properly as human beings.

belinda said...

So sorry for the mix up Mrs.Rocket.

A woman scientist - how cool are you!!!

If you haven't been exposed to the newer (since the 1960's) branch of the Most Holy Roman Catholic church then consider yourself blessed indeed.

Anonymous wrote- "I don't know how the Orthodox can give up grease for Lent"- hahahaha

It's true.. The only time I eat greasy foods is during lent.
I had never thought about that before!

belinda said...

Mr. Eegahlnc,
I found a video of Mac and Me's grandparents dancing only this time the scene was set at a beach and not Mcdonalds.

Times have sure changed. Kids hate to go outside now days.

"Little Stevie Wonder" was in this movie and so was Linda Evans and my FAVORITE, Buster Keaton.

click here

EegahInc said...

Not that I have much credibility to ruin, but I guess I'm gonna have to admit to being something of a closet fan of the Frankie & Annette beach movies. It's hard to go wrong with Eric Von Zipper. YOU STUPIDS!

Anonymous said...


I didn't even know this movie was ever at the movies, but I remember seeing it on cable when I was 9. Maybe we are alone in this, but my mom and I loved it! And I actually thought Mac was so cute when I was little. We taped it off of cable, and my friends and I watched it over and over. Seriously. I never thought of it as a B-movie!

God Bless,

EegahInc said...

Nothing to be ashamed of Dawn. Movies are kind of like people, there's someone out there for each and every one of them. Every old sock meets an old shoe, you know? Hope I brought back some good memories.