Tuesday, April 05, 2011



Well, he rang twice the other day at any rate. Okay, so he didn’t really ring, he just kind of left stuff laying in front of the door. And it wasn’t really the postman both times, once it was the UPS guy. And the first he was actually a she. Look, if I wanted to be a literalist, I would have stayed with the Free Will Baptists, okay? The point is, it was quite a haul.

Now, as I feel compelled to point out every now and then, I do actually read. In between movies, of course. And the recent batch of books which showed up on my doorstep goes a long way towards showing that my online persona is pretty much who I am in real life.

2011-04-05 16.17.10

First up, there’s the Pope’s latest installment of Jesus of Nazareth which I’m going to do my best to finish over what’s left of Lent. And if I can keep up, I’ll probably try and participate in the discussion of the book which will hopefully be getting under way over at the Catholic Bibles blog.

Then there’s my brand new, personally autographed copy of Happy Catholic by blogger turned print author Julie Davis. Feel free to get yours here. (And no, the autograph was not made out to EegahInc. That’s my corporation name, so the only signatures I prefer to receive under that name are on checks.)

And last but not least, there’s Neeta Lyffe, Zombie Exterminator by Katrina Fabian. Ms. Fabian, as you may remember, is one of the editors of the Infinite Space, Infinite God anthology series which features science fiction stories featuring Catholic heroes. Now I don’t know yet if Neeta Lyffe is Catholic in any way, but I’m pretty sure the other two books have that covered in spades, so even if it’s just some simple gut munching fun, that’s fine with me.

So there you go. Popes, bloggers, and zombies. That about sums me up.


Julie D. said...

Woohoo! I love that photo ...

EegahInc said...

Yes, my photography skills are quite... oh, I get it.

Julie D. said...

Yes. It is all about me. :-D

I actually meant the set up, but ... well, we'll stop there.

PaperSmyth said...


Why is this the first time I've noticed Ozymandias in your sidebar? Too funny! I need to come here more often instead of reading the RSS all the time.

I'd like to know what you think of the books if there's any chance at all you'd say.

EegahInc said...

Work's a bit heavy right now (which I refuse to complain about) so what little reading time I have goes towards the blog and the Pope's book since it fits in with the Lenten season. But once I finish the others I'll be sure to write something about them.

And yep, that's an Ozymandias reference. I thought it fitting for the immortal work of greatness that is this blog :)

(former) Rocket Scientist said...

Great assortment of books. Books tell a lot about us. When challenged one day to grab the nearest book and read a random selection, the nearest book at hand was Versalog's How To Use Your Sliderule.

EegahInc said...

I got the dreaded nearest book meme once, which subsequently led to my dubious review of one of the Ator movies. After that, It's best if I just stay away from those kinds of memes from now on.