Friday, May 31, 2019


The Dead Pit (1989) Demonic doc and his lobotomized zombies escape from beneath an asylum. Typical late 80's nonsense. TIL: It's a long held tradition in the Church that the mentally ill are among “the least of these” whom we are to care for as though they are Christ himself.

Still Voices - Splice (2009) "That is the most godlike feeling a human can experience; being ignored by rebellious child." Dennis Garvin

Dad Rock Daily: John Sebastian - John B. Sebastian (1970) Who needs controlled substances to mellow out when all you need to do is put this album on repeat. Laudable Lyrics: "I had a dream last night, what a lovely dream it was. I dreamed we all were alright, happy in a land of Oz."

And finally, to each their own, but it feels like a lot of the criticisms of Godzilla King Of The Monsters were written by people who never saw a Godzilla film, or forgot what they were like. Hopefully I can do a full review later; for now, just enjoy monsters punching each other in the face.

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