Wednesday, April 01, 2020


Piranha (1978) Government altered fishies travel downstream, lunching on everything along the way. Early Joe Dante effort is all the B-Movie fun you could ask for. TIL: God made everything good, so we have to assume piranha became a-holes after the fall, just like us.

Sing A New Song: BABYMETAL - Metal Galaxy (2019) Sailor Moon and Metallica merge into their final form! Don't scoff. This J-Pop Thrash is so much better than it sounds on paper. Laudable Lyrics: Glorious, you just be ambitious. For your dream, for your faith, for your life.

And finally, all this mask wearing has got me to thinking. You know who was prepared for this virus mess? Sociopathic movie villains. Here's a little something from the archives in which we look at 8 MEMORABLE MASKS FROM HORROR MOVIES

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