Monday, April 27, 2020


Lord Shango (1975) Drowning at a forced baptism pits voodoo worshipers against Southern Baptists. Actually a more serious drama than it sounds. TIL: Per Aquinas, it's necessary for the one baptized to have the will or intention of receiving the sacrament for the act to be valid.

Still Voices - The Church (1989) "Christianity without the cross is nothing... The 'offense' of the cross, therefore, has led men in all ages to endeavor to be rid of it, and to deny that it is the power of God in the world." - Lord Kelvin

Dad Rock Diary: The Third Rail - ID Music (1967) Catchy Bubblegum Psych from future Ohio Express members rewards those with the patience to stick around for Side 2. Laudable Lyrics: Suburban bound precisely at 7:10. Convinced inside that he has tried, he vanishes once again.

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