Monday, June 15, 2020


Angel (1984) Teen hooker tries to graduate high school while avoiding a serial killer who literally sucks eggs. Pure 80's exploitation elevated by colorful characters. TIL: The mistaken notion that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute came from the Middle Ages, not from the Apostles.

Sing A New Song: Moses Sumney - Græ (2020) Ambitious double-set of experimental soul is mellow and mostly engrossing, but occasionally stumbles over its own wokeness. Laudable Lyrics: I give my life to something, something bigger than me.

And finally, the Bible Films Blog has run across what they believe must be the most sacrilegious Jesus film of all time, the Christian-made time travel epic Assassin 33 A.D! Chances are I've seen worse, but this does sound horrible.

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