Saturday, October 23, 2021


Having seen it twice now, here's some random thoughts on Dune.

(1) Nothing else this year touches this movie visually. It's beautiful. And if you can, see it in IMAX. Of all the movies released so far this year, this is the one which calls for that format the most.

(2) Having said that, watching it a second time on HBO Max with subtitles on was nice as it helped clarify some of the whispering which got lost in the sound mix at my theater. IMAX does tend to rumble.

(3) I know some folks are disappointed with the way the movie ends. It is a little jarring, however, it is the right choice thematically (as long as Part 2 happens) as that is the point in the story at which Paul's story ends and Muad'Dib's begins.

(4) Did they hold a pre-filming séance or something and invoke the spirit of Marlon Brando, because Stellan Skarsgård is definitely channeling him from Apocalypse Now, right? I can't be the only one seeing that, can I?

(5) Just go ahead and give the production design crews all the awards. This thing evoked all those cool science fiction paperback covers of old, and yet looked entirely real and modern. Again, beautiful.

(6) I wasn't sure if the film would tone down the religious aspects of the story, but no worries, it goes all in. I'd expect the usual sources to provide a healthy dose of online essays regarding the movie's theological undertones any day now.

(7) Finally (for now), the movie treasures tone and atmosphere above action, so it's not structured like the typical blockbuster. Sadly, that will be a no-go for some, but don't let the negative reviews turn you away. At least give it a try...

... because if you don't there might not be a Dune Part Two, and if that happens history will forever curse the names of those that prevented it from happening. Don't let that happen to you :)

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