Thursday, July 30, 2020


Host (2020) Friends stuck at home during COVID-19 decide to have a seance on Zoom. Idiots. Nothing original, but unrelentingly creepy for its 59-minute run time. TIL: Although the Church allows for ghosts, it stresses that's almost never what answers when you call on spirits.

One Sheet Words of Wisdom: Eyes Without a Face (1960) "Prayer is practicing the knowledge of God’s eyes upon you. He is the only one who should act as your mirror." - Sally Read

Dad Rock Diary: Fifty Foot Hose - Cauldron (1968) Homemade synthesizers highlight this avant-garde experiment in psychdelia. Early Pink Floyd fans will approve. Laudable Lyrics: What direction do we go? What is right, what is wrong? There is no sleeping all night long.

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