Thursday, May 09, 2019


Death Spa (1989) Ghost in the exercise machine! Stupid but strangely watchable entry in the surprisingly crowded aerobic/slasher sub-genre. TIL: Eh, we Catholics have no need of a spa; we have the mass. Sit, stand, kneel, sit stand, kneel. Repeat until your soul is in good shape.

Still Voices - Deathgasm (2015) “Sometimes life is just what it is, and the best you can hope for is ice cream.” - Abbi Waxman

Dad Rock Daily: Irma Thomas - Soul Queen of New Orleans (1978) No tortuously bent notes, no extraneous syllables, none of that showing off; just perfect phrasing honed over decades. Laudable Lyrics: Ruler of my heart, father of my soul, where can you be, I wait patiently.

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