Saturday, February 15, 2020


The Kiss (1988) Cursed woman and her cat from Hell insinuate themselves into her dead sister's family. Just the kind of movie VHS was made for. TIL: One wacky Gnostic gospel claimed Judas had to identify Jesus to the Romans with a physical kiss because Jesus was a shape-changer.

Sing A New Song: Kim Gordon - No Home Record (2019) Sonic Youth guitarist goes industrial. Sounds like someone singing the visuals of a David Lynch film. Laudable Lyrics: Mistakes that I made today, do they even go away? It's a moment I play, I play...  don't play it back.

And finally, Andrew Housman with CBR reports on a theory which suggests the movie Cats “is actually a wildly intricate metaphor for the concept of the seven deadly sins, and that each vice has a corresponding character in the film.” This is perhaps the only article I've read so far that makes me actually want to see the movie Cats. Hopefully, though, common sense will prevail.

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