Saturday, February 22, 2020


The Worm Eaters (1977) Crazy coot feeds his enemies mutant worms, turning them into worm-people. Will never be a part of the Criterion Collection. TIL: An Interesting exception in the kashrut allow Jews to eat worms embedded in cheese. Casu Marzu at your next bar mitzvah, anyone?

Dad Rock Diary: Squeeze - East Side Story (1981) The band at their most Beatles-esque with producer Elvis Costello making absolutely certain you hear his influence as well. Laudable Lyrics: Tempted by the fruit of another. Tempted, but the truth is discovered.

And finally, Atlas Obscura has the story behind Houska Castle, a medieval fortress which folklore says was plopped atop a portal to hell to trap the demons below. Apparently it’s become a tourist destination you can visit. No thanks, I've already seen that movie.

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