Saturday, June 23, 2018


Zoltan Hound of Dracula

Zoltan, Hound of Dracula (1978) Dumb commies awaken Vlad's vampire pooch. It isn't long before the neck of every pet in America is in danger. No, really. TIL: With all the kerfuffle over whether or not there are pets in Heaven, nobody ever seems to worry if bad dogs go to Hell.

Animal World, The

Your daily dose of culture courtesy of The Animal World (1956) - "He who refuses to learn deserves extinction." - Rabbi Hillel

Now Showing Marquee 6

Space patrol!?! Have to say, I'm sort of giddy that we're talking about the reality of space cadets in my lifetime. Even the Vatican has something to say on the topic. In a recent interview with the Catholic News Agency, Brother Guy Consolmagno, SJ, director of the Vatican Observatory asks us all to  give space peace a chance.

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