Tuesday, August 14, 2018


Gun Crazy

Gun Crazy (1950) Newlyweds/firearm enthusiasts go broke and take up crime. The results are deadly and disastrous. Classic Noir sets the template for everything Tarantino treasures. TIL: See, there's a good reason the Church insists on discussing finances during marriage prep.

Mysterious Island

Your daily dose of culture courtesy of Mysterious Island (1961) - "A man should have duties outside of himself; without them, he is a mere balloon, inflated with thin egotism and drifting nowhere." - Thomas Bailey Aldrich

Now Showing Marquee 2

And finally, with all the dreadful news of the day, Church related and otherwise, couldn’t we all use a little cuteness break? Well, it doesn’t get much more cute than the kids over at Darwin Catholic and their shot-for-shot remake of the trailer for The Last Jedi. Drop by and have a smile. You’re welcome.

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